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Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by Bobby Bennett, Sep 6, 2023.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I need your help.

    CompetitionPlus.com, is and has always been a staunch Comp/Modified supporter. Even before we became involved in helping to promote the Rooftec D4 Bonus, we always supported the category.

    My ask is this. We have launched QuarterMileClassifieds.com as a means of simplifying and giving another option to online classified advertising. Right now we have a $1 classified ad special in hopes of populating the page. We would have done FREE but that does little to give value for the service we expect to provide for the drag racing world.

    All I am asking is that if you have something to sell -- post your listing here and at QMC. We are planning to grow this property in order to become a sponsor for the CEBF.

    We are planning to switch directions in gaining sponsorship for the program in addition to our longtime supporters with whom we cherish. It is time we now open up for more manufacturer support from those companies you do business with. Let them know for $833 dollars and change monthly, they can be a part of this program. Every car in the D4 Bonus will have their decal on them.

    For this CEBF program to continue, we WILL need to get more sponsorship. This is the only way we will continue the extra racing funds, the cool videos like you saw there as well as the Cash Clash.

    So for now, get yourself a $1 CLASSIFIED AD.

    PS - By the way, if you're coming to PRI - we will have the booth to end all booths. The Comp Eliminator Bonus Fund, in conjunction with CompetitionPlus.com and QuarterMileClassified, will have its own aisle! Yes, it's own aisle. From one peninsula to another on the 2700 aisle will be US.

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