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    Have a complete SB2 top end,
    Heads are Edelbrock SB2 Head done by M&M with matching sheet metal intake made by M&M. Has Titanium valves,intake size is 2.20 ehaust are 1.60 has Pac springs, retainers and keepers Jesel Shaft rocker system Intake are 1.85 and exhaust are 1.80. BRE Valve covers with oiler. Also have Comp Cam Cam shaft for this combo.also have MGP rods and Diamond pistons that was used with this sytem. Stroke is a 3.625.
    Price for top end is $7500.00, Cam $350.00 and rods and piston assembly $1,000.00
    Parts have about 30 passes from new. Call for pictures I am unable to attach files
    Call (309)558-8559 Cell or during the day 7:30 to 5:30 CST business number is (309)787-6888

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