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    A huge congratulations are in order for our long awaited winners of the Sportsman Bonus Fund!! After a very long year of hard work and a whole lot of racing we have finally made it here to the end. We must also acknowledge the losses that we all suffered here in Division 4, especially the most recent loss of two wonderful competitors and friends, Kevin and Glen Self. This season wouldn’t have been the same without them and their presence will be greatly missed at all the Division 4 races next year and beyond. So in their memory we will celebrate a sport they loved and devoted so much time to by announcing the winners.

    In Competition Eliminator:

    1st: Cody Lane $50,000

    2nd: Jim Kimbrough $25,000

    3rd: Adam Hickey $15,000

    4th: Dean Carter $15,000

    5th: Greg Kamplain $12,500

    6th: Craig Bourgeois $12,500

    7th: Don Thomas $12,500

    8th: Taylor Chomiski $12,500

    9th: Ashton Hudson $10,000

    10th: Clark Smiley $10,000

    In Super Stock: Greg Stanfield $10,000

    In Stock Eliminator: Wes Neely $10,000

    In Super Comp: Chris Dodd $10,000

    In Super Gas: Luke Bogacki $10,000

    In Super Street: Brandon Millican $10,000

    In Top Dragster: Darian Boesch $10,000

    In Top Sportsman: Vince Hoda $10,000

    In Sportsman Motorcycle: Vince McCullah $5,000

    Again a huge congratulations to these racers!! And a major thanks to everyone who participated in the Sportsman Bonus Fund and the Competition Eliminator WFO program. This year wouldn’t have been possible without each and everyone’s support and willing participation! A special thanks to Rodger Brogdon and everyone over at RoofTec for creating the fund and allowing Competition Eliminator to flourish in Division 4 again and have some of the highest turnouts for Comp in decades! A special thanks also goes to Bob Unkefer, our amazing announcer who always kept the program lively by providing everyone in the stands and online with updates on the happenings of the competition, as well as Trey Capps, Mady Ayesh, Vince Howell and Audrey Munsch for running Division 4 and helping keep everyone organized at the track! A huge thanks to Ashton Hudson and the Hudson Family as well as Bob Brockmeyer at Compulink and Allison Doll at Port a Tree for the WFO program which made qualifying for competition eliminator lively and entertaining and allowed the racers to have a little competitive fun in preparation for every race. And once again a major thanks to every racer who competed in Division 4 this year. Whether it’s your home division or you were a first time visitor from across the country we thank you for your participation in making this sport great and contributing to such a wonderful program!! We couldn’t have done it without y’all!!
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    Special thanx to Rodger Brogdon and Rooftec for the extra push he always gives towards division four racers.This really makes the end our season that much better for all and looking forward to next tear for sure.
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    Thank You Rodger
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    Congrats to all of the winners.. Thankyou very much Roger Brogdon and Rooftec....
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    $50,000.00 has to be the all time payout RECORD for anything won in COMP , national event or any race EVER !!!!!!! Pretty cool stuff .....
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    As soon as Bliss gets everyones information the checks will go out!!!!

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