V300 sold. Weldon pump and regulators, msd for sale

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    The racepak is a v300sd with a 250-ds-iq3 dash
    Vnet GPS
    4 shock sensors 8" and modules
    Driveshaft speed
    Brake pressure
    Water temp
    Engine vacuum
    Water temp
    Oil pressure
    Manifold pressure
    3 40 inches of water sensors
    3 fuel pressure sensors
    (2) AF4 o2 module
    8 o2 sensors (gas)
    ALL CABLES AND WIRING INCLUDED. Currently wired in a fox mustang.

    All items below are new
    (1) 2ft ext module ext cable
    (2) 8ft ext module ext cable
    (1) 3ft module ext cable
    (1) 9" T vnet ext cable
    (1) 3ft T vnet ext cable
    (1) vnet bulkhead
    (3) interface bulkhead (analog for shocks)
    (1) 3ft shock travel interface
    (1) 1ft shock travel sensor module
    (3) shock travel cables, with ends
    Driveshaft speed sensor, mount and wheel.
    (2) 16gb memory cards
    $8k. (SOLD)

    Also have msd 8711 belt drive distributor, custom built belt drive distributor both used. $450/each

    Weldon fuel regulators (2) A2046 (1) A2040 used. $500

    Weldon db2025A $450

    MSD GRID, ARC ,CAN BUS, COIL $1500 used.

    Two innovators west 6.750 dampner for sbf fresh rebuild. One steel hub, one aluminum. 250/

    Altalab AC2 never used. Make offer

    All parts in great working condition. Went to fuel injection.
    507990494seven for pics
    Banned from PayPal for gunbroker transactions, that's why this isn't in the classifieds. Thanks.
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    Tell us about Gunbroker & Pay Pal. I've had a round or two with them over my 300 Win Mag and .308.762 brass sales. Is that 507 number good to talk about the V300 Race Pak as well as pictures??
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    PayPal doesn't allow transactions that pertain to firearms or ammo. I was selling powder and primers. Someone added the auction number and the word gunbroker to a payment. Their system flagged it and banned me. Good number.

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