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  • PM answer to Dick:
    You have a few of your "Facts" wrong. There is another party involved in the deal than Paul. Yes, I know who Craig is. I have several PM's and E-mails from him about this car deal. I've helped him before and he has helped me sell parts to the Aussies. People doing business Downunder don't need the problems of a few trashed and aired in public. There is way more to this than what meets your eye or what is on top of the surface. The best thing for The ICR Forum & Craig and Ted is for you and all the other members to stay out of their business.
    BTW: You might try going to the Yellow Bullet forum. Your posts here and your attitude would fit in very well there.
    Adger Smith
    PM from Dick to me... He has it wrong. There is someone else involved that Ray owed money to. I think I've done enough digging on this and there is more to it. This needs to go away to help Craig in his effort to get his car. Having the peanut gallery trash ray or anyone on this forum is not helping Craig or this forum. We all need to be on the same page on this one!!
    Sent to Guitar:
    OK Wynne,
    You didn't listen to me. I've ask you nicely to consider what you posted and how it affected the ICR Forum. We are here to further Comp Racing. What good did your post about Ray V's Dragster do? You just couldn't help piling on. If you like this kind of thing get off & go to Yellow Bullet Forum.
    ...hey shanes, i saw a kathy keckel sigin in on charles guest book at the funeral home website, is this some of your kin folk, excuse me for being nosey, just wondered/wynne
    Hi Shane, Just wondering if you have any interest in my car? I can get it to Neil & Parks if that helps.

    Give me a call & we can visit about it & try to come up with a deal that works for both of us.


    Mike Foster 605-690-5585
    Hey Shane, tell me some campfire stories from baytown, lol, saw your post, lol, gotta love some boudin in tha morning with some coffee! Sure was proud of Joey and what he accomplished at this race, wow
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