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  • Hey John, Still wondering about the 327 cranks. Do you still have them? Thanks Mike Foster 605-690-5585
    Hey John, do you still have a 327 crank what is the rod & mail size & how much do you need for it? Thanks, Mike Foster 605-690-5585
    john sorry i have not got back to you sooner the convertors are too tight for us if you want i can send the back to you or if some one else needs them i can send the to them

    Hello Billet Carb, If you will take $500 for the 325-4 A-1 convertor I can paypal you. Thanks, Mike Foster 605-690-5585 cell
    Hello Billet Carb, Do you want me to send you a check for the A-300-7 convertor or do you want paypal?

    Thanks,Mike Foster 605-690-5585 cell
    What are you asking for the 2.85 Bryant and SBC 327 cranks and where are you located?
    Are the dart buick cams still for sale? I need one with 1.875 journals can you tell me what you have and how much you want for them.
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