2024 D5 Comp Bonus Fund - Duel in The Lanes

Michael Compton

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Dec 26, 2007
Neosho, MO
Introducing the 2024 D5 Comp Bonus Fund - Duel In The Lanes!

Thanks to an idea from Mark Kirkman of Kirkman Composites, we will be having a special race within a race during the first 2 qualifying passes at each Division 5 race starting with Earlville this weekend. Our trusted Division 5 Director, Nick Duty, has allowed us to use a staggered tree in qualifying based off class index.

Based on this staggered tree, the 2 racers with the "best overall package" in the first qualifying run will race in the second qualifier for the prize. In order to determine the "best overall package," we will take the amount under your index plus your reaction time. Thus, if you go .50 under and have a .040 light, your overall package will be .460. A red light in Q1 excludes you from competition for the duel. In Q2, the winner (barring a red light) will be the first one to the finish line as would be in normal eliminations. Should there be only 1 qualifier due to weather, the car with the "best overall package" will be awarded the prize for that race.

The prize for the race in Earlville will be provided by Kirkman Composites. He is engraving a carbon overflow tank with "Duel In The Lanes - Tri State Raceway 2024." Mark is bringing the tank on Saturday to the race for the winner.

Good luck and be safe!
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