Cylinder Head Prototype Project


Jan 4, 2007
Well, its been a long time coming but the day is finally here. I intended to do numerous videos to add to the site but as my fathers birthday drew near, it just made sense to go live with the campaign on his birthday. So here it is for all see.

The website below details the cylinder head design and how you can contribute to making the prototype a reality. I will also post the crowdfunding link as well. Please enjoy and if you decide to make a contribution, please spread the word! Thanks and welcome to Project Mo-Power!

Sincerely, Adriel Paradise

Project Link:

Support Link:

Attached photo shows 8 total configurations, 4 different valve layouts for the wedge style and 4 different valve layouts for the canted style.

Also, if anyone has any questions regarding the project, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] or post those questions here thanks!


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  • V301 C Cylinder Head Rocker Assembly 12-4.jpg
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  • V301 W Cylinder Head Rocker Assembly 22-5.jpg
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Quick update, made a little progress today in terms of funding and support with a few individuals offering there services and others who have made financial contributions to the project. I'm hopeful that the progress will continue. I have made some changes to both sites to clarify how funds raised will be used.

In gauging everyone's feedback it seems as though I have missed the mark with the perks I've offered in exchange for any contributions. I really thought it would've been an opportunity for people to let their voice be heard by giving their input. Definitely my mistake. So, I will let you guys decide on a new perk to add to the project in addition to what's available so I look forward to your input in that regard.
What do you think? Highest bid gets the final cylinder head assembly and trademark naming rights?

Also, I want to clarify that any contribution amount will be accepted. 25cents, $1, $5, or whatever. Any of those contributions give you an opportunity to get involved. Indiegogo kind of makes that confusing since it is formatted to show one value to receive the perk. That however is not the case. Please follow suit with the ranges that are posted on the website. Upon making a contribution, I will send an email to you to record your vote.

So far its a toss up between the Wedge Configuration #2 and the Canted Configuration #2.

Again, thanks everyone for the kind words and support, its very much appreciated!

Lastly, I want to make it very clear that I have no intentions of maximizing a profit margin with these heads. If these heads make it to market, I plan on offering them at the cost of making the part with little to no profit margin. At most maybe 1% of the total. I believe its much more important to try to make these cylinder heads as accessible as possible than worry about turning a profit. I know, I know, its not a smart business decision, I'm crazy, its naive, etc etc.