D5 Earlville Attendance - Please Respond

Matt Harris

Apr 3, 2006
If you are planning to attend the Divisional Event next weekend (May 31 - June 2) at Tri-State Raceway could you please post here in the thread or email me at:

[email protected]m

Please let me know any extra cars you may bring, or any extra space requirements you will have

Pre-Registration, Online Tech Card, and Event Schedule is available at this link:

(PS The current schedule has 5, yes FIVE, qualifying sessions planned...)

Do not forget, the 2024 D5 Comp Bonus Fund will begin at this event and everyone who enters the event will be eligible to receive any and all funds.

As an added BONUS for 2024 we will be introducing an Off The Trailer Challenge to spice up Q1 and Q2 a little bit. More details regarding procedures and prizes will follow.


If I haven't reached out to you regarding being on the SRAC mailing list, please let me know so you can be added.

Also, if you know of anyone else planning to attend that doesn't frequent this site, please have them contact me as well.


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