Hey Clint Neff can you breath?

Hey Clint. We are socked in here with the smoke from your Colorado fires. Yup, we are 1500 miles North West of you and we are blanketed big time. It's tough to see the local N.Shore Mountains just 10 miles from downtown. And forget about seeing 10,700 ft Mt Baker in Washington state just 80 miles east.
Yes many a summer we have been blanketed with fires from up North and also fires coming up from Washington and Idaho. But this is some long haul truckin' going on here with this smoke.
It's got to be pretty bad where you are?
Well it sure made a good excuse to go racing and get outta town for a few weeks so i could breath better lol. It hasnt been too bad in the metro area lately. It was really bad a few days for sure. A lot better now. COUGH COUGH guess i better go racing again :)