Polar plunge 2024

Joey arrowsmith

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Oct 6, 2017
Ham lake,mn
Hey everyone,
It’s that time of year again where my group will be jumping into the icy waters of a Minnesota lake for special Olympics. I know we all don’t agree on rules for comp but one thing I believe we can all agree on is giving these athletes a place of their own to showcase their talent and that’s exactly what special Olympics does. It’s a charity very near and dear to me! . I know racing season is starting for most and moneys tight but if any of you that see this can donate $5,10, 20 hell even $500 like Ross Davidson of Ross’s diesel repair did last year to my fund I would greatly appreciate it. I have a goal of raising 3k this year
Thank you in advance to anyone that donates and I wish everyone the best of luck this season

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Thank you Compton, holt and a huge thank you to me brogdon for getting me over my goal!! I’m still fundraising through March 1st, that’s when we do our jump so if anyone else can donate that would be awesome! No amount is to big or small, it all goes to one of the best causes that I’ve been proud to support for years!
Thank you Mr Mawhee! Hopefully the car rebuild is coming along!

We’re collecting donations through March 1st so if anyone would like to donate, click on the link above and spare what you can!