Profilte Transmissions


#1 GM Chevy Ultrabell on a stock case, 2.03/1.40 Turbo Input / Powerglide Output. Clean Neutral, Moroso Aluminum Pan, Billet pump stator support, Griner Billet Aluminum Tranbrake Valve Body, Bolt In rear sprag, Lokar shorty dipstick, 4AN vent, with shift lever $6000

#2 GM Chevy Bell adapter on a stock case 1.90/1.35 Turbo Input / Powerglide Output. Clean Netural, Moroso Aluminum Pan, Modified Keyed pump stator support, Griner Billet Aluminum Transbrake Valve Body, Bolt In rear sprag, Lokar shorty dipstick, 4AN vent with shift lever $5000.

Pro Trans B front planetary gear set $350

Both great transmissions. Switched to a Liberty, that's why were selling.
out of John Langer's NMCA N/A 10.5 Trams Am

PPP Shifter with cable, cable bracket and mount. Black for Proflite Manual with clean neutral $300

PTC 8" Torque Converter Weld Up 8TH10 250+ Turbo Spline, Steel Stator, for 1/8 midplate 8TH10 SS 1/8 $750 obo

Pick Up in Warminster, PA.
or we can ship

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Larry Santucci
Lethal Deals Speed Shop


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Updated and price change.

Driveshafts also available:
PST 3-1/2" Aluminum 49-1/4" U-Joint Center to Center, PST Billet 27 spline PG yoke for roller tail 1350 Spicer solid u-joints $400

Mark Williams 3-1/2" Aluminum SFI certified 49-3/4" U-joint center to center 4340 Mark Williams 27 spline PG yoke for roller tail 1350 solid u-joints $600

QA1 REV Carbonfiber 3.2" SFI certified, 48-3/4" U-joint center to center, 1350 u-jpoints Rated to 2000 hp, Strange chromoly PG slip yoke 27 spline for roller bearing tail U1667N $1000


Pick Up or We Can Ship
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Racepak UDX extreme Replay Dash
Dash only and what is shown in the picture. Nothing Else.

This unit is discontinued Back light works No sensors or harness included ( except for what I’d shown ) You would need to purchase wiring and sensors or possibly use your existing Great large display Racepak replaced it with the smaller IQ3 They offered the UDX in a display only which most people had and this unit which has a built in data recorder.