rod life opinoins?

mark markow

Dec 16, 2008
just wanted some feedback on how may runs some of you are going on your rods. I didn't make as many runs this season as usual. and was thinking I would leave the motor together a while longer. rods are grp pro material with the bolt upgrade 2.950 stroke. sbc
I have the same GRP rods with a 2.850 stroke and made 150 runs in 2 years @ 10k RPM with no issues. This might not be the ideal response or best thing to do but, the engine just came apart and bearings were perfect.

Good Luck

SS/EM 1613
same situation. last year I made a 130 passes with no issues, this past season only made 72 passes. so I think i'll leave her together for a while longer. I figured 150 passes was safe. just wanted to see what other were getting. thanks. rich.

I know most won't believe this, but bought an SS\CS 291 used in like 97, ran it at a few div races, and for 7 years straight at our local track every weekend, 1\8th mile, and a couple of other div. races with GRP rods, and just changed them in 2011. We figured we had well over 600 runs.
I know, but they didn't break, so we changed them in time. You could have never changed bearings. They looked that good. But, we did.
What is Woody's opinion (@ GRP)? I take mine out at about 1/2 of what he says because i start getting nervous (3.625 stroke, 8,000RPM small block)
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