RoofTec Racing Rusk Qualifying Report

Bob Unkefer

New Member
Feb 8, 2006
The fifth stop in the season points chase in Division 4 competition in the Lucas Oil Drag Racing series is being contested this weekend in Rusk Texas, and for the RoofTec Racing team of Rodger Brogdon, the results at the conclusion of qualifying are mixed.

For team owner Brogdon, the number one qualifying spot finds his name next to it for the first time this season. After a previous best number 2 qualifying position at the season opening event in Belle Rose, LA, Brogdon muscled up a .633 under lap in the heat and humidity of east Texas to lead the 21 car comp field. Rodger’s EasTexas race cars Chevy Cavalier was a bracket car through three rounds of qualifying, with runs of 8.30, 8.30 and 8.297 to claim the top spot

Team driver Brian Self found qualifying to be a true roller coaster ride. First round of qualifying found the lower end of Lump’s engine developing a serious case internal distress, necessitating a road trip of 400 plus miles to Scott Benham’s shop to pick up the teams third engine. After a late Friday night return, early Saturday morning found the RoofTec crew installing the new bullet in Brian’s Cavalier.

With a four-hour rain delay early Saturday afternoon, Comp qualifying was cut short after the third session. Fortunately the RoofTec crew was able to get Lumps car prepped along side Rodger’s and even with a run that was far from perfect, Brian was able to get the car down track .366 under the index, with a run that left a lot on the table.

The two RoofTec team cars are on opposite side of the Comp Eliminator ladder, and race day plans are calling for a final round match-up. With the quality field of competitors on hand this weekend (and so long as Mother Nature doesn’t interfere) the RoofTec crew and drivers are planning on a busy Sunday afternoon and an early Sunday evening departure, after winners circles photos are completed.