Silent Thunder runs again..

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Sep 19, 2007
Arlington, WA
Hi, my name is Mark Wolfe and I have bought Hurley Blakeney's Silent Thunder T-Bird.

I have only had it out a few times in the past month since I got it.We are updating the fuel system to a new accel dfi and also put a liberty pro mod 4 speed in it.

The last time out it went 6.71 at 221.94 on a horrible run.I didn't have enough air gap in the clutch and it rolled the beams about 4 feet until I just said ok lets go and let the clutch out.It only had a 1.25 60' and got real loose at mid track.

If you want to see the run it's on look under the mega ford race weekend results and there is a vid in the middle of the page.

We hope to run the west coast div 6 and 7 next year and 5 or 6 nationals.

It's nice to be back racing,I raced comp in 2000 and 2001 with a C/A ford probe.
Hurley was my hero until Richard Freeman came along.

Hurley brought a whole new meaning to not lifting. Hurley was sailing on his side in a turbo mustang crossing in front of Bo Nicken's dragster with the throttle still pegged. <-- (I can't verify this with facts, and it is about 99.99999999% unlikely, but only for the sake of Hurley being my ex-hero shall I assume that he was at wide open throttle while crossing in front of Bo Nickens.)

However, when Hurley got that ThunderBird, things started getting alot more stable.

What's Hurley doing these days anyhow?
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Hurley is mostly retired these days.He sold vermont medical and is still running angio laz..

He had a stroke and a heart attack about 4 months ago but when I picked the car up from him 2 months ago he was looking in good health,still running around like people half his age..

Hurley was for sure one to watch make a run...He was allways on the edge..

He still has 3 of the panella pro stock ford engines if anybody is interested in them..I think he would sell them pretty cheap.He offered them to me for $100,000.00 for all three complete engines with ALOT of spare stuff that comes with them..Cams,intakes,headers,crank's,spare block,valvetrain stuff and anything else that he has will all go with them.

If anybody is interested,pm me and I'll get you in touch with him.
yeah,I got alot of pics from pomona and vegas last year..If you want some pm me your e-mail..:)

I am really looking forward to running it this year..We have it making about 300 hp more then it used to and are getting a new clutch setup that should help us to get it to 60' better..We hope to be able to run 6.30's at 225..;)

It has allready gone 6.70 at 222 with a horrible 1.25 60'...

Oh, and if anybody is interested,Hurleys 3 prostock engines are down to $75,000.00 for all three and all the spare stuff that goes with them..Panella said they still could qualify with some intake and camshaft work.
Hello Mark,
Ive been looking for Hurleys Bird for years. Guess I was looking in the wrong places. Probably a stupid question, but do you still have it for sale? or maybe know where it is? It will require a second mortgage, but I'm still impressed with it. I was under the tower at Baytown when he destroyed the Mustang, the safety safari went to two chunks of car before they found him. Hope I'm not bothering you, but would appreciate any info you may have. Sorry its so late, I'm working nights.
Thanks for your time,
If its not for sale, please ad me to your newsletter list, shes my favorite race car of all time!
John Mikeska