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  • ...totally proud of you and joey and jeremy this weekend! Ole backup "C motor" was runnin like a bracket car. Who built this motor, you never said. I have a confession. I saw the ladder early sunday morning, and when I saw rampy, i thot, will take him breaking, or a redlite. I sold ya'll short. I will never think like this again, lol, I have seen tha light! I'm real proud of ya'lls this weekend, and hope it was fun too
    Thanks for the reply. Makes sense. I'm thinking about a mid deck GM block with all the lifter bores moved around. Did you have second thoughts about too many people seeing that post?
    You do realize I can still read anything that has been deleted? :~)
    I appreciate the answer.
    ...just noticed that the flyer for baytown this weekend had 2 cars, ya'll were one of em, in their ad, did you know this? Best of luck this weekend/wynn
    go into dragzine.com, go into the article about the 52 chevy pro mod car, once opened, click on the video, about a firebird and sit down, and watch in horrow. un fuckin believable.....
    I don't know if you got a chance to see these...

    IMG_6302-1 by nylab123, on Flickr

    IMG_6285-1 by nylab123, on Flickr

    IMG_6286-1 by nylab123, on Flickr
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