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  • Sad to here about you get sick.
    Hope you have a speedy recovery, get home soon and have a nice christmas.

    Hey Bro, I have been working my ass off since about April, 6 & 7 days a week. Going to have to give my animals SS#'s for income taxes..LOL

    How have you been doing? Any unmarked cars showing up anymore? LMAO Hope all is well with you and family
    My car is an ex Scott Parks A/ND. Bought it as a roller and put in a ex PST 358" Jenkins engine and i run it 150 pound heavier than a A/ND.
    Have known Parks family in more than 25 years, rely nice people.
    I can recommend the nostalgia races at Bakersfield, especially Marsh Meet very nice race.
    PerErik is just to diffrent names Per and Erik put together to one.
    Hi Wynne
    My name is Stig Olsson and i'm from Sweden.
    Yes i drive a front engine dragster ( Neil&Parks) with a Jenkins 358" engine in Competition Eliminator.
    Hard core Comp faan and read ICR every day.
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