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  • Oh, forgot to say, I saw a pic of your g/d in drc, neat lookin car, yeah, ya gotta have some nahan in ya, front engine, and all, wynne, love ya'll guys...keep on keepin on ya here me, lol
    Hey Pat, I wanted again to ask your friendship. Charles T spoke of you well, and i agree, some posts i made about the houston race got me into some pretty deep shit, and i deleted all my friends list, with the promise, that i probably embarassed some of my friends list, but i said, i'll come back, and start over so, i'd like to ask for your permission again, notthing changed with me, still follow you in racing
    Hey Pat, I wanted to ask you if you would accept me as a friend in here in this forum, i'd kinda like that, i really follow you, and you perform, that is why i like you, and so did charles t, we talked bout you a few times
    hey, are you pat nahan, i am just a fan, and not too knowlegeable, but, i been following a pat nahan, love his car, are you him by chance, lol/thanx wynne
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