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  • Hi Wynne
    Came home yesterday from a nice three week trip in USA.
    Where i visit Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield, LAS Vegas Nats, drove around in some of your beautiful National parks like Zion, Bryce, Canyonland and Arches. Ended the trip with a visit at my friends at Neil&Parks Racing and already looking forward at next trip.
    A fed is much much more fun to drive, you can even see your own burnouts :)
    Now when the winter come we are freezes, scots snow and work on racecar so it's quicker next year.
    Have a nice day
    Hey Stig, what are ya'll doing this time of year down there? I gotta know, is the pucker factor greater driving a front engine car, vs. a rear engined dragster according to how you see it, i think a fed would distract you too much, but thrill factor would be about 80% greater, your opinion on this pleaze/thanx wynne ^5
    Hey, send this guy a private message and tell em you are a front engine guy,and ya wanna say hi, he will respond, i promise, his dad is 1979 comp champion(ritchie rosen)........Stephen Rosen, he drives a g/ed and his son has a j/d ...justen rosen
    wow a guy from here in Louisiana in A/Nostalgia Dragster went 6.92 or close to that at indy in comp, and he is a F/ED also, I follow Pat Nahan and Adam White and Scotty Parks through tha year, love front engine stuff, have made friends with a local guy here Stephen Rosen, he runs a f/ed car and is here in louisiana around New Orleans area, which is close to no problem raceway where the jeg's race in march is and a div-4 race in june also. Get some of your buds to start posting in ICR.com, us guys would like that, ok/wynne ^5
    Reply about Bakersfield. I'd like to go to Indy for Comp, and to tha Hot Rod Reunion race also, that would be neat for me, also like to see some european and australian drag racing, and meet all tha racers from both areas, would be so neat to chat and cook out together! ^5
    Help me out with this, Per Erik Lundgren, different name than I'm used to, what does the Per first word mean in his name, and I am being respectful here too, I don't know, and always wondered about these kind of names from our Swedish neib's, lol
    The class i run is close but not similar as your C/DA.
    Did run a new European record 6.92 sek last weekend.
    Envious to you, always wanted to go to the nog race Indy
    and some year i going to do it. Plan a trip to Bakersfield,
    Las Vegas and Pomona this fall.
    so Stig, at 358 cu in, are you in c/nd there? that is what you would be here with that size motor? can't wait to see first round of indy qualifying today, should be about a hour away from right now, sure hope ma guys do well, tanksley's from here in greenwell springs la, same as me, go over there alot and mess with em, wash their rig sometimes lol.
    No thats was a friend of me PerErik Lindgren. We was at Gator Nationals together the weekend before Jeg`s race but unfortunately i did´n have any more holiday left and need to go home. PerErik told me that it was a very nice race.
    hey, i'm wynne from louisiana, saw ya stopped by, where ya from, slingshot, cool name, front engine, like that ^5 225-341-0504 cell
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