2009 ICR Comp Race Planner

Will Hanna

Jan 19, 2006
Great State of TEXAS
2009 InsideCompRacing.com Race Planner

Feb. 5-8
NHRA Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals, Pomona, Calif.

Feb. 13-15
NHRA Div. 2 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Event, Bradenton, Fla.

Feb. 20-22
NHRA Arizona Nationals, Chandler, Ariz.
NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Gainesville, Fla.

Feb. 27-Mar. 1
NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Chandler, Ariz.
TEST Goodridge Spring Stampede Test Session, Baytown, Texas

Mar. 6-8
NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Orlando, Fla.
NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Tucson, Ariz.

Mar. 12-15
NHRA ACDelco Gatornationals, Gainesville, Fla.

Mar. 20-22
NHRA Jegs Cajun SPORTSnationals, Belle Rose, La.

Mar. 27-29
NHRA O'Reilly Spring Nationals, Houston, Texas

Apr. 2-5
NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals, Las Vegas, Nev.
NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Cecil, Ga.
NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Ennis, Texas

Apr. 16-19
NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Southern Nationals, Commerce, Ga.
NHRA Jegs Pacific SPORTSnationals, Fontana, Calif.

Apr. 24-26
NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Clermont, Ind.
NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Memphis, Tenn.
NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Great Bend, Kan.
NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Fontana, Calif.

May 1-3
NHRA O'Reilly Midwest Nationals, Madison, Ill.
NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Petersburg, Va.
NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Boise, Id.

May 15-17
NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Norwalk, Ohio
NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Baytown, Texas

May 22-24
NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Reading, Pa.
NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Brainerd, Minn.
NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Mission, B.C.

May 29-31
NHRA O'Reilly Summer Nationals, Topeka, Kan.

Jun. 4-7
NHRA Route 66 Nationals, Chicago, Ill.
NHRA Jegs Sportsman All-Stars, Chicago, Ill.

Jun. 11-14
NHRA SuperNationals, Englishtown, N.J.
NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Chicago, Ill.
NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Fallon, Nev.

Jun. 19-21
NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Atco, N.J.
NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Morrison, Colo.
NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Seattle, Wash.

Jul. 3-5
NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, West Lebanon, N.Y.

Jul. 10-12
NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Stanton, Mich.
NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Woodburn, Ore.

Jul. 17-19
NHRA Nationals, Seattle, Wash.

Jul. 24-26
NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Columbus, Ohio
NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Baytown, Texas

Jul. 31-Aug. 2
NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Sonoma, Calif.

Aug. 7-8
NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Cordova, Ill.

Aug. 13-16
NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals, Brainerd, Minn.

Aug. 20-23
NHRA Toyo Tires Nationals, Reading, Pa.
NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Acton, Mont.

Aug. 28-30
NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Rising Sun, Md.
NHRA Div. 3 LODRS, Bowling Green, Ky.
NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Topeka, Kan.

Sept. 2-7
NHRA Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

Sept. 11-13
NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Englishtown, N.J.
NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Commerce, Ga.
NHRA Div. 5 LODRS, Earlville, Ia.

Sept. 17-20
NHRA Nationals, Concord, N.C.
NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Belle Rose, La.
NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Bakersfield, Calif.

Sept. 24-27
NHRA O'Reilly Super Start Batteries Fall Nationals, Ennis, Texas
NHRA Jegs Northern SPORTSnationals, Columbus, Ohio
NHRA Div. 6 LODRS, Eagle Point, Ore.

Oct. 2-4
NHRA Div. 1 LODRS, Atco, N.J.

Oct. 9-11
NHRA Virginia Nationals, Petersburg, Va.

Oct. 23-25
NHRA Div. 2 LODRS, Reynolds, Ga.
NHRA Div. 4 LODRS, Noble, Okla.

Oct. 29-Nov. 1
NHRA Las Vegas Nationals, Las Vegas, Nev.

Nov. 5-8
NHRA Div. 7 LODRS, Las Vegas, Nev.

Nov. 12-15
NHRA Automobile Club of Southern California Finals, Pomona, Calif.
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Date Track City
Jan 29-30 W. Palm Beach, FL IHRA Nat
February 5-7 Immokalee Regional Raceway 1/8 Mile IHRA Div-2
Feb. 12-14 Bradenton Motorsports Park Bradenton, Fla. NHRA Div-2
Feb. 19-21 Gainesville Raceway Gainesville, Fla. NHRA Div-2
Feb. 26-28 Firebird International Raceway Chandler, Ariz. NHRA Div-7
Feb. 11-14 50th annual Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals Pomona NHRA Nat
Feb. 19-21 26th annual NHRA Arizona Nationals Phoenix NHRA Nat
March 5-6 Farmington Dragway 1/8 mile (F-S) IHRA Div-9
March 5-7 Atlanta Dragway Atlanta, Ga NHRA Div-2
Mar 6-7 Baton Rouge, LA IHRA Nat
March 11-14 41st annual NHRA Gatornationals Gainesville (PSM) NHRA Nat
March 12-14 Dallas Raceway 1/4 Mile IHRA Div-4
March 19-21 Jegs NHRA Cajun SPORTSnationals * Belle Rose, La. NHRA Spts Nats
March 19-21 Rockingham Dragway 1/8 mile (F-S-S) IHRA Div-9
March 25-28 Inaugural NHRA Nationals Charlotte (PSM) NHRA Nat
March 26-28 Southwestern International Raceway Tucson, Ariz. NHRA Div-7
April 9-10 Piedmont Dragway 1/8 mile (F-S) IHRA Div-9
April 9-11 23rd annual O'Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals Houston (PSM) NHRA Nat
April 16-18 Maryland International Raceway Pro-Am 1/4 mile IHRA Div-1
April 16-18 Pine Valley Raceway Park 1/4 Mile IHRA Div-4
April 16-18 11th annual SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals Las Vegas NHRA Nat
April 23-24 O'Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis Indianapolis NHRA Div-3
April 23-24 Mooresville Dragway 1/8 mile (F-S) IHRA Div-9
April 23-25 Texas Motorplex Ennis, Texas NHRA Div-4
April 23-25 SRCA Dragstrip Great Bend, Kan. NHRA Div-5
April 23-25 Palm Beach International 1/4 Mile IHRA Div-2
April 30-May 2 Firebird Raceway * Boise, Idaho NHRA Div-6
April 30-May2 Atco Raceway* Atco, N.J. NHRA Div-1
April 30 - May 2 14th annual NHRA Midwest Nationals Madison*(PSM) NHRA Nat
May 1-2 Rockingham, NC IHRA Nat
May 6-8 Pittsburgh Raceway Park Pro-Am 1/8 mile (F-S) IHRA Div-3
May 14-16 Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park Norwalk, Ohio NHRA Div-3
May 14-16 Tulsa Raceway Park Tulsa, Okla. NHRA Div-4
May 14-16 Jegs NHRA Pacific SPORTSnationals* Fontana, Calif. NHRA Spts Nats
May 14-16 30th annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Southern Nationals Atlanta*(PSM) NHRA Nat
May 21-22 Coastal Plains Dragway 1/8 mile (F-S) IHRA Div-9
May 21- 23 Montgomery Motorsports Park 1/4 Mile IHRA Div-2
May 21-23 22nd annual O'Reilly NHRA Summer Nationals Topeka NHRA Nat
May 28-30 Maple Grove Raceway Reading, Pa. NHRA Div-1
May 28-30 Brainerd International Raceway Brainerd, Minn. NHRA Div-5
May 28-30 Mission Raceway Mission, B.C. NHRA Div-6
May 28-30 U.S. 131 Motorsports Park 1/4 mile IHRA Div-3/5
May 28-30 State Capitol Dragway 1/4 Mile IHRA Div-4
June 3-6 13th annual United Association Route 66 NHRA Nationals Chicago (PSM) NHRA Nat
*June 4-6 Richmond Dragway Pro-Am 1/8 mile IHRA Div-1
Jun-10 Jegs Allstars Joliet, Ill. NHRA Sptman Spec
June 10-13 41st annual United Association NHRA SuperNationals Englishtown (PSM) NHRA Nat
June 11-13 Route 66 Raceway Joliet, Ill. NHRA Div-3
June 11-13 Houston Raceway Park Baytown, Texas NHRA Div-4
June 11-13 Top Gun Raceway Fallon, Nev. NHRA Div-7
*June 18-20 Byron Dragway 1/4 mile IHRA Div-5
June 18-20 Bandimere Speedway Morrison, Colo. NHRA Div-5
June 18-19 Salt Lake City, UT IHRA Nat
June 18-20 10th annual NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals Bristol NHRA Nat
June 24-27 Fourth annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals Norwalk (PSM) NHRA Nat
June 25-26 Dunn Benson Dragstrip 1/8 mile (F-S) IHRA Div-9
June 25-27 Woodburn Dragstrip Woodburn, Ore. NHRA Div-6
June 25-27 Edmonton, ALB IHRA Nat
July 2-4 Lebanon Valley Dragway West Lebanon, N.Y. NHRA Div-1
July 2-4 Mountain Park Dragway Pro-Am 1/8 mile IHRA Div-3
July 9-11 23rd annual NHRA Northwest Nationals Seattle NHRA Nat
July 10-11 Mid-Michigan Motorplex * Stanton, Mich. NHRA Div-3
July 16-18 Carolina Dragway 1/8 Mile IHRA Div-2
July 16-18 Grand Bend ONT IHRA Nat
July 16-18 23rd annual Fram Autolite NHRA Nationals Sonoma (PSM) NHRA Nat
TBA Matin, MI IHRA Nat
July 23-25 31st annual Mopar Mile-High NHRA Nationals Denver (PSM) NHRA Nat
July 23-25 National Trail Raceway Columbus, Ohio NHRA Div-3
July 23-25 Infineon Raceway Sonoma, Calif. NHRA Div-7
July 30-August Skyview Drags Pro-Am 1/8 mile IHRA Div-1
Aug. 6-7 Cordova Raceway Park Cordova, Ill. NHRA Div-5
*August 6-8 Pittsburgh Raceway Park Pro-Am 1/8 mile IHRA Div-3
Aug. 12-15 29th annual Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals Brainerd (PSM) NHRA Nat
Aug. 20-22 Cecil County Dragway Rising Sun, Md. NHRA Div-1
Aug. 27-29 Beech Bend Raceway Park Bowling Green, Ky. NHRA Div-3
Aug. 27-29 Heartland Park Topeka Topeka, Kan. NHRA Div-5
Aug. 27-29 Pacific Raceways Seattle, Wash. NHRA Div-6
Aug 28-29 Budds Creek, MD IHRA Nat
August 28-30 Osceola Dragway 1/8 mile IHRA Div-5
Sept. 1-6 56th annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals Indianapolis (PSM) NHRA Nat
September 3-5 Darlington Dragway 1/8 Mile IHRA Div-2
* September 10-12 Dallas Raceway 1/4 Mile IHRA Div-4
Sept. 10-12 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Englishtown, N.J. NHRA Div-1
Sept. 10-12 Atlanta Dragway Commerce, Ga. NHRA Div-2
Sept. 10-12 Tri-State Raceway Earlville, Iowa NHRA Div-5
Sept 11-12 Epping, NH IHRA Nat
Sept. 16-19 Third annual NHRA Carolinas Nationals Charlotte*(PSM) NHRA Nat
Sept 17-19 New England Dragway Pro-Am 1/4 mile IHRA Div-1
Sept. 17-19 No Problem Raceway Belle Rose, La. NHRA Div-4
Sept. 17-19 Auto Club Famoso Raceway Bakersfield, Calif. NHRA Div-7
Sept. 23-26 25th annual O'Reilly Super Start Batteries NHRA Fall Nationals Dallas (PSM) NHRA Nat
Sept. 24-26 TBA NHRA NW Div NHRA Div-6
Sept. 24-26 Jegs NHRA Northern SPORTSnationals * Columbus, Ohio NHRA Spts Nats
Oct. 1-3 Atco Raceway Atco, N.J. NHRA Div-1
Oct. 7-10 26th annual Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals Reading (PSM) NHRA Nat
Oct 15-16 Richmond, VA IHRA Nat
Oct. 15-17 Silver Dollar Raceway Reynolds, Ga. NHRA Div-2
Oct. 22-24 Thunder Valley Raceway Park Noble, Okla. NHRA Div-4
Oct. 28-31 10th annual NHRA Las Vegas Nationals Las Vegas (PSM) NHRA Nat
Nov. 4-7 The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas NHRA Div-7
Nov.11-14 46th annual Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals Pomona (PSM) NHRA Nat