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  • Will, I would like to get in touch with you to ask you about some Alcohol dragster stuff, please give me a call or message me when you have a few minutes. Thanks, Kevin. 804-640-6187
    Then maybe a separate poll, or however works best, again asking for a YES or NO answer that would be: Would the active owners and drivers be willing to have the results of those votes of the idea(s) presented to NHRA for consideration of implementation if the majority vote is 70% or greater?
    Will, can I ask you to put up a poll for me? I tried to do it myself but seemed like there was a limit on characters for the question. I would like it to be directed to active drivers and owners. I would like a simple YES or NO answer. The question I would like to ask is: Would the active drivers and owners be willing to review and vote on ideas presented to them to improve the class of Competition Eliminator?
    Will, Can you delete the thread I just posted, "Pic". I was trying to test something and didn't mean to post that. I was trying to see if I could add pictures like they do in the Super Stock forum "Live" threads.
    Will...just a small correction for a name on the personal index page. Car #6003 is DAN Barton not Don Barton....Happy Holidays, Jeff
    Hey Will...I p[aid the $5.00 fee via PP back in December when things weren't working quite right. I tried posting an ad on the classified section and it wants another $5.00. Please let me know how I should handle this (pay again or can you set me up?) Thanks in advance, Jeff Lane
    Thanks Will. I didn't have guts enough to do that. I think it is not good for the sport to blast the guys that are helping/supporting us Sportsman Racers. when are you going to get rid of Wynne? Evertime he calls me he is either drunk or on something. He is just taking up bandwidth here on the forum. I actually think his presence is stopping some guys from posting and participating. He konws little if anything about racing.
    Just my .02 for free.
    hey will, hope ya havin a good holiday with your family today! thanx for this forum, it really provides a necessary connection i'm thinkin, lol, i know i can't live without it, and no, you can not print this, lol, just wanted to say, you did well makin this site, and many folks like me are so addicted to tha everyday goin on's in here, ^5/wynne
    ...Hey Will, how busy are you these days, lol?
    ...What is the status on ICR shirts, alot of talk went down, so, I want a few shirts, are you gonna do it, lol.
    ...I been in here going on a year and a half, just wanted you to know, gawd, I love what you did creating this forum. Thanx wynn
    Will, here is hopeing that you and your family have a great holiday season, from me, and ma 3 girls, Meagan, Mallory, and Mirand, and me, Wynn Richardson
    Google shows that ICR has over 4000 links to my site, www.hcgexperts.com. Would you please ask your webmaster to delete all of them? I'm not sure how they got there, perhaps through my signature or posts. Thanks.
    Will..I was curious what your thoughts about the Gebhart post seeing if you felt it is appropriate to have on the site. Otherwise, I hope all is well with your diet.:)
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