CEBF Help Needed in KC!

Bliss Hudson

Feb 22, 2021
Dallas, TX
Howdy Folks!
I’m looking for some help in Kansas City cause Ella can’t come, but basically I need someone who can pass out sponsor flyers and the CEBF stickers to all the other racers for the double! It’s $150/day and should be like 2-3 days worth of work depending on car count.
I would do it myself like I did in Belle Rose but trying to work on dad’s car and wrangle all of y’all takes up most of my time
Anyway, if you have a kid/family member/friend who wants to make a little extra cash and help me out a ton just reply to this post or text me!
Bliss. Might have someone for you could you shoot me a text to discuss I don’t have your number. 320 309 3039