Comp Indy wrap up

Will Hanna

Jan 19, 2006
Great State of TEXAS
Treadwell wins second straight Indy title

Last weekend we saw some of the toughest Comp racers in the country square off in the granddaddy of them all, the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at O'Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis. Treadwell took the win in the final over recent Memphis winner and former Stock Eliminator champ Lee Zane.

In qualifying, it was once again the Butner AA/SM show as he raced to a 66 under blast for the pole. Joey Tanksley followed closely with a 63 under blast in his C/D, while Jason Coan nailed down the No. 3 spot with a .61 under hit in his F/ED. 76 cars showed up to make the Indy 64 car field, with Brad Zaskowski making the bump with a .390 under pass in his H/SM Camaro.

As always in Indy, every round is filled with monster matchups, and round one was no exception. Among the biggest was No. 3 qualifier Tanksley squaring off with Div. 5 points leader Michael Johnson's potent G/SMA. Tanksley hit the tree better, but had to pay for the winlight with a .63 under to .60 under contest. Then we saw Butner square off with the hard-running Robert Bailey's A/ED. Bailey tried to run him down, but Butner had the power to hold him off with a .60 (167 mph) under pass to Bailey's .57 under. The next pair put Bruno Massel's Wyotech DD/AT against the wild A/A of Vinnie Deceglie. The run was costly for both as Massel took the win with a .66 to .63 under contest. Perennial Div. 2 powerhouse Larry Pritchett then squared off with West Coast hitter Ken Justice. Pritchett took the win in a .60 to .54 under contest. The 'DOH' of the round went to Bob Book and his A/D when he went .59 under after his opponent Ernest Watson went red. The freak story of the round was when Vinny Barone and Don Winget squared off. Winget went red while Barone blew the tires off the line. Downtrack, Barone, idling down the track, thought he was getting directed off the track at one of the early turnoffs, so he swung wide to make the turn. In the process, he crossed the centerline, and was disqualified. After deliberation, he was reinstated, however.

Round two just got better, as the hits kept coming. Treadwell took out St. Louis winner Chad Voges' L/AA in a .56 to .48 under contest. In a battle of top three cars, World Champ Jeff Taylor wheeled his E/SM to a win over Tony Stephenson's B/EA in a .56 to .46 under battle. Bub Miller then stepped up to deliver a knock out blow to the power hitter Massel in an ultra tight .56 to .54 under win. The round got crazy after that. The final four pairs saw wins all come out of the left lane. It was determined that Massel had leaked oil on the track, and the final four pairs would be re-run. There was some 'buzz' going on to say the least. Ambrose then took out Tanksley, who had originally beat him in a .52 to .46 under contest. Barone got another free ride when David Rampy was timed out at the tree, then Jeg Coughlin, Jr., closed out the round with a win over Doug Stewart.

The hitters kept flexing in round three after minimal hits in round two. Bottom bulb ace Zane showed his skills on the tree, taking a holeshot win over Miller in a .51 to .51 under contest. Butner ran down Bill Morse in a .56 to .50 under faceoff. In the process he became the first Super Mod to break the 200 mph barrier at 200.62 mph. Greg Kamplain flexed a .60 under pass in his C/ED to get around Rob Kropfeld's D/EA's .56 under. Treadwell showed his skills on the tree with a .54 to .59 under holeshot win over Coan. Coughlin stayed in and stayed clean with a win over Al Ackerman. Barone finally got down the track and decided he needed to whack some index taking out Doug Lambeck in a .62 to .56 under decision.

The quarterfinals showcased some of the best in the business. Butner edged closer to the six second zone to win with a 7.09 (-.54) win over Barone's .46 under. Taylor then took out Coughlin in a close .50 to .47 contest. Treadwell stayed clean in taking out the last of the diggers in Kamplain with a .51 to .49 under win. Zane then recieved a competition bye when Bill Riemenapp couldn't make the call.

The semifinals set the stage for the possibility of an all-Team Butner final, but the other guys had other plans. Zane used a great .007 bulb to hold off Taylor with a .51 under to Taylor's .48 under. Treadwell advanced to the final when Butner fell off pace in a .49 to .44 under affair.

Both drivers were mean on the tree in the final, with Treadwell taking a .014 to .015 advantage. It was tight on the big end as Treadwell took the win with a .53 to .52 under win. The win was Treadwell's third at Indy and his second straight Indy title.

Indy Permanent Hits-

Zane L/AA - 9.64 (-.04)
Tanksley C/D - 7.57 (-.03)
Coan F/ED - 8.91 (-.05)
Butner AA/SM - 7.75 (-.05)
Massel DD/AT - 8.20 (-.05)
Ambrose J/AA - 8.43 (-.01)
Treadwell F/EA - 8.69 (-.04)
Deceglie A/A - 7.16 (-.03)
Barone A/SR - 8.44 (-.02)