Comp Weekend wrap up

Will Hanna

Jan 19, 2006
Great State of TEXAS
Treadwell and Butner score wins

Welcome to our newest feature - the Comp Weekend Wrap Up. Here we'll take a look at the past weekend's action. This past weekend we saw a rarity with two national events going on at the same time. Back east was the Jegs Northern SPORTSnationals while the Fram-Autolite Nationals were going on out west in Sonoma.

Sonoma was a nice escape for the racers from the heat we've seen all year. Well, except for a few indexes. Glen Treadwell was able to come away with the win over former two-time champ Dean Carter.

Jirka Kaplan stole the show in qualifying with a monster .78 under pass out of his blown small block BB/AM. Eventual winner Treadwell wasn't far behind with a .73 under blast out of his potent F/EA.

The big surprise of round one was David Beckley finding his groove against Vegas winner Tom Mettler in round one. Beckley, who had struggled in qualifying, unloaded a .62 under blast with a .008 light to take out Mettler, who was perfect on the tree, but to no avail with a .52 under pass. The cool conditions made more than a few competitors get 'dirty' on their way into round two.

J.D. Zink would be the next giant killer with his A/ND, taking out No. 1 qualifier and last week's Seattle winner Kaplan. Kaplan fell well off his torrid qualifying pace, opening the door for Zink's -.52 under pass to score. Doug Lambeck and Jim Cowan slugged it out in a .58 to .53 under contest with Lambeck coming out on top.

For Sunday, all eyes were on Treadwell and Deceglie. Both were clean going into the third round, with more than enough muscle to punish their index. Deceglie got out of shape and crossed the centerline, while Treadwell sacrificed a penny to the index gods with a .61 under pass. Meanwhile, the always-potent Rob Harrison was clean going into the semi's.

In the semi's, Treadwell gave up another penny in a .51 under pass to defeat Phoenix winner Doug Lambeck. The big surprise was when Harrison fell off pace to .41 under, allowing Carter to get by to the final.

Both drivers had stellar lights, advantage Carter with a .012 to .036 advantage, but Carter didn't have enough index or muscle to catch Treadwell's .55 under pass, giving up a full nickel of index, but getting the Wally. The race was one race too late for Treadwell's points, his seventh national of the year.

The 'index offenders' (permanent hits) of the race were:

Treadwell - F/EA 8.73 (-.05)
Warter - F/SM 9.42 (-.03)
Beckley - A/AA 7.36 (-.02)
Carter - A/ND 7.53 (-.01)

Meanwhile, in Columbus, it was the Bo & Bruno show, in a battle of two new classes for Comp this year. Bo Butner continued to dominate in his AA/SM, which has been the talk of the internet this year. Even with the new adjusted index of 7.90, Butner crushed it with a .72 under blast to take the pole. Bruno Massel wasn't far behind with a .66 pass for the second qualifying position. Former Stock Champ Lee Zane followed in a seemingly distant third at .57 under.

Round one was rather uneventful, as everyone in the round stayed clean. Butner was able to take it easy on a competition bye from the short field. Massel got the bye in round two, but the matchup of the round was Zane vs 'Rambo' David Rampy. Rampy had the rt advantage, but was unable to run Zane's .49 under pass down. Once again, no index hits in the round, which spelled trouble for the field.

Massel fixed the clean index problem, taking about a football field of stripe in his rout of Vinny Barone. Massel, the faster car, had over a tenth on the tree (.038 to .149) then just showed he likes to crush alot, running .59 under to Barone's distant .20 under. In stark contrast, Brian Browell won a very tight contest against Zane, using a great .003 light and .51 under to defeat Zane's .024 and .51 under combo. Butner received another free roll when Steve Ambrose turned the red bulb on.

In the semi's, it was time for a showdown in the National Trail Corral, Butner vs. Massel. Massel took nearly a nickel on the tree, and we finally saw someone run Butner to the stripe, but Massel's wounded index definitely helped Butner take the win with a .65 under pass to Massel's .59 under. Browell avoided the commotion with a bye to the final.

The final went much as anticipated, with Browell's D/D index coming at more of a premium than the soft AA/SM. Butner took three on the tree, but nearly gave it back, winning on a 'holeshot' .36 to .38 under.

Columbus' index offenders were:

Butner AA/SM 7.85 (-.05)
Massel DD/AT 8.25 (-.05)

Next week, we'll see divisional action in Div. 3 and 7. We'll once again see the Bo and Bruno show, with a guest appearance by the rest of the Comp field in St. Louis. On the left coast, we should see some good action, with the action returning to Sonoma.

Good luck to all! See you in St. Louis!