ICR Free Classifieds Posting Policy. Read or RISK SUSPENSION!!!

Will Hanna

Jan 19, 2006
Great State of TEXAS
Hey guys and gals, I've been lax in the past on the rules here at the ICR Classifieds, but as the site has grown, we need to get some more rules in place so that it continues to work well and is fair to buyers, sellers and site advertisers. We've had a pretty good thing at the InsideTopAlcohol.com classifieds, so we're duplicating the rules here.


The free classifieds is reserved for the use of racers to buy and sell used parts. The advertising of new parts or services of any kind is reserved to InsideCompRacing.com's advertising partners.

Violation of this policy will result in first a warning, then a lifetime ban from the site for a second violation. Following being banned, if posting persists, legal activity may be pursued.

I hate to have to be this way, but it is only fair to those companies that support this site.

To find out how to advertise on InsideCompRacing.com, email [email protected]


Due to the high volume of ads on our classifieds, we are going to have to restrict "Bumps" to classified ads to one per week. This will keep the same items from repeatedly staying at the top. This also applies to repeatedly posting the same item in multiple ads.

Violators will have their posting privledges suspended for two weeks for the first violation and one year for second.

Nobody is in trouble. We just need to set a guideline. Post away!

We here at InsideCompRacing.com welcome everyone to use our classifieds absolutey free of charge/commission.


All transactions are AT YOUR OWN RISK. ICR assumes no liability for any transactions that may come from our site.

On the same note, the site will not be used as a medium to discuss percieved unfair/bad transactions.

That being said, CYA in all transactions.

I apologize if the site has caused anyone grief. With the volume of parts that comes through the site daily, it's inevitable.

We are currently looking for a way to rank sellers.

Thanks for the understanding.


I'm posting this as a public service announcement:

Please don't email someone your credit card number!! This is a very unsafe practice, and I've had a few people do this with me in hose transactions over the past few months, so I just want to make people aware of how dangerous this is. ID theft is very, very real.

Basically, an email is a very unsecure form of communication. An email doesn't go straight from your computer to the end destination. It bounces through many servers on it's way to you. There are servers out there that "fish" for 12 digit credit card numbers and related info. This could leave you prone for someone to go on a shopping spree with your card number.

Just FYI.

In an attempt to bring some clarity to sellers on this classifieds, effective immediately (12-18-09), all classified ads must post phone number contact.

We realize this won't fix every problem seller, but will shed some light on shady deals.

Please limit your ads to three per week. Individual posts for seperate items aren't necessary. List as much as you can in your title instead.

This does not apply to site advertisers.

First infraction will result in the deletion of your ads. Second infraction will result in a 2 week suspension. Third infraction will result in a year suspension or indefinite suspension.