Jan 23, 2009
Cleaning the shop

5.38, 9.5 MW, light, MW case, Alum.40spl. spool, MW support& yoke, New from MW...

5.50, 9.5 gleason, light, coated, MW case, steel 40 spl. spool,MW support&yoke,[*New from Jegs p/s team.]
NEW$2100.00 [Pending]

5.57, 9.5 lamb,lightened,MWcase,Alum.40 spl. spool,MWsupport and yoke

5.67, 9.5 lamb,lightened,MWcase,Alum.40 spl. spool,MWsupport and yoke

5.67 9.5 gleason,light,coated,MWcase,Steel 40 spl. spool,MW support and yoke, used 6 runs,[*]
$2100.00 [Pending]

5.33 9.5 gleason, lite, coated ,MW case, Steel 40spl. spool, used 5 runs, $2100.00 [*]SOLD!

Haas colbalt low runs 2015 legal P/S car $50,000.00=RJ ad#182583829 for pics & info.

Jesel keyway lifters...8 offset,8straight,.927 with .850 roller.$900.00 [dyno time only]RJ ad#182585476

4" alum. driveshaft 34" w/2 U joints.$100.00

Liberty Z gear sets:20-26, 19-25,head sets,$300.00each

sbc crank [not lite weight]3.130str.std.bearings[hank the crank]may need to be polished, $400.00 [obo]

sbc Bullet 60mm,41/45lifter pat....309/323-16R-$60.00 good cond.

Holley jets #70-79 8 jets each, #80,16jets,#81-87 8 jets each.99% are new.0ver 150 jets in storage container$60.00 takes all.

1-Peterson 3 stage dry sump pump w/fittings....250.00
Moroso dry sump tank,#20 return,$50.00
1-Moroso Omni filter,with2#12 fittings and screen..$40.00
1-pair Sanders 16x16 5,4.75 bolt pat.5"BS ...1200.00 Beadlock P/S wheels
80# 14"coil springs NEW from RJ $40.00pair [obo]
ACD rpm shift control box,model#6101...$150.00
.343 sbc comp. engine fresh [makes good power] CALL....http://www.racingjunk.com/Drag-Racing/182527783/COMP-SS-SUPER-MOD.html
500 KB DRCE 2 dyno time only fresh. CALL....
500 DRCE 2, pieces [*MAY!!! become available , due to rules change]
cash, check, Pay Pal.
All items add shipping pd.by buyer, PM me just give a little time to get back to you, or call 215.536.9687 Thanks, Darrin
*more parts & tools will be added soon.
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do you still have the new set of manley 221048 springs. thanks grant
Do you still have the 15X15 wheels with 2051 tires? Do you know the rollout of the tires? And number of passes on tires?
Thanks Clark SMiley

Do you still have the MW LT weight 40spline spool for sale?

Adrian Fernandez

O'well guess you ran out of Crayons,for the Wheel Drawing.Cause it NEVER made it,...........................???
Ran out of Time,bought a set Today!
G ;)
6.0 gear

Do you still have the 6.o gear and is it a small pinion. Call Mike at 713-252-1906 Thanks